Position: Programmer

Setting: Office in W. San Diego

Job Description: Inputs a sets of code to see how it or what comes out.

Median Salary: $37.28 hourly; $77,550 annual

Duties and Responsibilities: To input a set of programming languages and check the if the certain code turned into the structure or texture they need for their computer.The programmers need to have the knowledge of the programmer language like C, C++, Visual Basic and Java.They take their time to perfect their input so their objective can be complete.For example, They might fix a FIREWALL that might have been taken down for a certain period of time and wont have any personal thing stolen or manipulated. Also they trace the hacker to their source and prevent them from doing it again.

Qualification(Education/Training): One of the following B.S. degree: Computer and Information Sciences, General; Computer Graphics; Computer Programming, Specific Applications; Computer Programming/Programmer, General; Management Information Systems.Might study the web languages HTML, XML, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP and Java.

The contributing factors that lead me to this career were some of my childhood experiences with technology.The factors were just playing on my Xbox and DS while I was playing, I thought just inputting the codes would be kind of cool.At that moment I started to pursue this career. The characteristics that I have to benefit the job would be testing and inputting the codes and to see the the outcome.Also I have the determination to get my world done to the fullest.

In my 3 Dimensional design is my work space/office somewhere in  W. San Diego, which my favorite gaming company dream job is.The figures(Pokeball and the Freddy Fraz bear) represents the dream that I want to reach and I have to work harder than ever before.Many people and companies worked for weeks/months to reach the success they aimed for like the creators of this wonderful and very detailed video games. The desk, that I designed, is the place where I can see the myself tend to get frustrated and feel stuck just doing work.For example,just working for three hours straight or more to find the right code for the certain structure/color. The couch and table shows the place where I can relax from the stressful work that I might go through.designdesign 2

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        SOCIAL JUSTICE: ONLINE PRIVACYDeniseAaronOnlinePrivacy

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Online Privacy a concern that everyone should be aware of since this is the age where almost everyone uses the internet.Everything we search, post, and comment on is monitored by companies and data brokers. When you post any thing and try to delete it, it is seems that is deleted but in reality it is stuck in the server on the companies. Some companies even sell your information for a profit to anybody that wants it. Congress had issued a bill on October 27,2015 that companies is able to access our information.

There are so many ways to prevent personal information being overlooked by the companies or anybody that has an interest. First, if you have received a email that you feel that is trust worthy, you can contact the company so they can confirm that they set it. The Government can make the companies obtain a small quantity of their information. The Government should only target or view one person that is suspicious. We could also stop using the internet.

My visual metaphor is eight people being suspicious of acts they might have done. There is one unknown individual that have not been checked by the government. The government is goes through all the tech that the people use daily.

Data Brokers: selling your personal information


What is CISPA?

Senate passes cybersecurity information sharing bill despite privacy fears

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